During this unprecedented time of working from home and only leaving the house to walk the dog, it doesn’t really benefit anyone to wear my engagement ring and wedding band. I mean they are made to be shown off, right? Oh…my husband is telling me my rings are more than that: a sign of commitment. Well, if you’re concerned about the unnecessary wear on your metal bands but still desire to show off your loyalty to your partner I can’t recommend anything better than QALO Silicone Rings.

They currently have new fall colors in classic patterns including sage and black in Crosshatch (for the boys) and maroon, blush and eucalyptus in both Geo and Braid (for the girls). I’d be hard-pressed to choose a favorite color as I am a fall-fiend and each color complements my fall wardrobe perfectly (both in normal times: jeans, sweater and boots, and in these new times: yoga pants and an old tee) but my eye tends to lean towards the maroon most days. I’ve even been seen wearing two bands stacked together making a real trendy fashion statement. My husband, on the other hand, likes the classic black. Although I did end up buying him one from their Galaxy Collection (which sold out quick!) for our one year anniversary so he now owns three silicone rings…talk about a diva!

They are built for durability yet lightweight enough to feel as though they’re not weighing you down. I tend to keep my on 24/7 (something I never do with my metal rings) and they last through showers, the dog pulling on her leash, digging in the garden (me not the dog), washing dishes, camping…you name it, these rings will stay on your finger! But perhaps their most useful trait is that they are still a representation of your marriage to your partner. Having that symbol on your finger, whether it be the one you exchanged on your wedding day or a silicone one, is a truly important sign of commitment and love in my book, and QALO goes above and beyond in their colors, designs and durability. Rotating through our collection of QALO Silicone Rings has given us a much-needed opportunity to adjust our routine, albeit small, in such a mundane time. Plus, they have some affordable pouches to carry your rings. Throw one in your bag just in case you have to take your ring off…but we don’t think you’ll ever need to!

Blog post by Real Weddings Magazine’s Associate Editor Emily Peter-Corey.

Photos courtesy of QALO Silicone Rings.

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