I’ll admit, when it comes to “a girl’s best friend,” a great pair of heels are right up there with diamonds (just don’t ask me to trade in my engagement ring for a pair of Manolos).

Heels make you look taller, add shape to your legs and are just so darn pretty. Also, in my case, heels give me just enough extra height to be at smooching level with my hubby-to-be… bonus!

The challenge with heels though is that they sink in the grass, get stuck in cobblestones along with other high heel hazards that could potentially cause sinkage, wobbliness or other unsightly mishaps. So what’s a girl to do?

We were positively giddy when we heard about a product a while back called SoleMates High Heeler. SoleMates claim to give your heels just enough coverage to avoid cracks, holes and uneven ground and protects your heels from damage.

We recently got to test a pair of these out, and in so doing decided to come up with a new blog series called Girl Tested, Bride Approved. We’ll be trying out fun, interesting and hopefully helpful products and we’ll let you know what we think about them. We know it’s a tough job, but hey, someone’s got to do it!

So back to SoleMates…

I tried these babies out on wet grass with patches of exposed dirt and lo and behold, I remained above ground.

When I first put the SoleMates on my heels and took a little stroll, I could feel them on the bottom of my shoes (probably because they gave me more coverage), but after a couple minutes I didn’t even know they were there. I totally forgot that they were on my heels.

I did notice that the SoleMates only fit on skinnier, stiletto-type heels. I had a couple pairs of thicker heels that I tried them on with no success. The owners of SoleMates are working on creating a super skinny heel version and a thick heel version to accommodate all the heels of the world!

So this product gets the “Real Weddings Bride Approved” stamp of approval!

SoleMates are $9.95 a pair and available at thesolemates.com.

Blog Post by Real Weddings Bride Tester Aimee Mundy.

Photo courtesy of SoleMates.

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