From mani/pedis to hair and makeup trials, the road to wedding day beauty is often paved with hours in the salon chair. For the skincare-conscious, the list may include facials, a ritual as relaxing as it is time consuming and expensive. Brides looking to take matters into their own busy hands will love the simplicity of Somme Institute’s 5-Step Regimen.

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The at-home kit contains a nourishing cleanser, exfoliating “Transport” pads, a Vitamin C-infused serum, “A-Bomb” moisturizer (with Vitamins A and E), and an SPF 30+ sunscreen. The company’s patented Molecular Dispersion Technology (a.k.a. MDT5™) ensures that the highly engineered vitamins in each product penetrate deeply – 3mm below the skin’s surface, to be exact – and work to improve tone, texture, clarity and overall appearance. Whether you suffer from sun damage, discoloration, breakouts or fine lines and wrinkles, the 5-Step Regimen effectively addresses the concerns of all skin types.

As a long-time acne/redness sufferer, I was eager to test Somme’s claims. Per the advice of the company’s helpful and supportive staff, I used the regimen twice a day, morning and night.

The first week, I’ll admit, was a bit rough. Just as I’d been warned, my blemishes actually worsened and I was extra oily. I was told my skin was “ridding itself of toxins,” which is why trying new products just days before your wedding is a huge no-no. I was also advised to avoid cleansing with my trusty Clarisonic for the first week or so, as it can cause additional redness/sensitivity.

After just two weeks, I was relieved to see my persistence paying off – both the severity and frequency of my breakouts had decreased significantly. Following a month of consistent use, my skin was smooth, hydrated (one might even say “dewy”) and practically blemish-free, not to mention far less red and irritated.

The regimen’s $298 price tag is admittedly hefty, but I’m more than willing to forgo a designer bag or handful of meals out (hey, it adds up!) in favor of a healthy, aisle-ready glow.

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Blog post by Real Weddings Magazine contributor, Morgan Casarez.

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