If you saw our previous post about our couple Beth + Kelvin, you saw that it was literally love at first site when we set our eyes on this couple, and during our shoot, it was clear that they are crazy in love with each other, and it’s safe to say that everyone from our shoot was in love with them, too! In this installment in our blog post series, you get to know just a little bit more about this delightful couple!


On Kelvin on photos above:  Jacket and tie from Macy’s; Shirt, Pants and Shoes from Tuxedo Den

On Beth on photos above:  Jewelry by Renewable Jewels; Dress from De La Rosa’s Bridal & Tuxedo

What made you want to model for this photo shoot?
Beth + Kelvin: We thought it would be a great way to celebrate our engagement and allow us to appreciate the time we have now at this stage in our lives and relationship. We both lead pretty busy lives, through work, school, and building a business, so we felt that participating in the photo shoot would give us a nice opportunity to stop and appreciate the fun side of being engaged.

Tell us about your modeling experience.
Beth + Kelvin: There is so much more to a photo shoot than we ever realized, and we have so much respect for your team! From the wardrobe to makeup and the venue, everything was on point and made us feel like professional models!

How was modeling with your significant other?
Beth + Kelvin: We found it quite hot! Dressed to the nines and getting to channel our attraction into various poses and vignettes was so fun for us.

What was your favorite part of the shoot?
Kelvin: Getting to see Beth in such a wide range of dresses, makeup and hair styles made me realize she’s gorgeous no matter the look. The photo shoot has shaped some of the themes and choices we’re making for our wedding and we’re so grateful for that.

On Kelvin on photos above:   Jacket and tie from Macy’s; Shirt, Pants and Shoes from Tuxedo Den

On Beth on photos above:   Earrings from Macy’s; Necklace by MonJude Studio; Dress from The Bridal Box

Tell us about your love story. How did you meet? What was the proposal like?
Beth: We met at a local running club event in April 2018. The first few times we hung out was to run together with friends and was very informal and low pressure. We hit it off immediately and got to enjoy getting to know each other in a very organic way. In this world full of online dating and tinder profiles, to meet someone who shares so much in common with you while you are doing something you love is extremely rare.

Kelvin proposed at Lanikai Beach on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. While we were there we decided to venture to this beautiful and mostly secluded beach so that we could watch the sunrise.
We sat on the beach and just watched in silence for a bit, enjoying the beautiful colors in the sky as the sun came up. Then Kelvin took my hand and knelt beside me and simply said that I am his best friend, he loves me so much, and then asked if I would marry him. I’ll never forget that incredible morning with such a beautiful backdrop. Kelvin picked the perfect moment for us to remember where and when we got engaged.

On Kelvin on photos above: Jacket and tie from Macy’s; Shirt, Pants and Shoes from Tuxedo Den

On Beth on photos above: Hat from Amazon; Earrings by Sorrelli; Dress from Diamond Bridal Gallery

Tell us about your wedding day to come.
Beth + Kelvin:We have decided to have a relatively small wedding at a beautiful house in South Lake Tahoe. We each grew up going to Lake Tahoe as kids and it has continued to be an extremely special place for the two of us through our relationship. We’ve spent many weekends going on hikes, lounging by the lake, running the trails, and cozying up in cabins together in Lake Tahoe. We were very fortunate to find a large vacation rental that doubles as a wedding venue and has an incredible view of the lake. The venue feels like a luxurious version of a mountain cabin, and we are going to keep with the mountain theme by choosing simple and rustic décor for the day. We will also be able to have our wedding party stay on-site with us for the weekend at the venue, so we are hoping that the whole experience will feel more like a vacation for everyone rather than just a wedding.

On Kelvin on photos above:  Jacket and tie from Macy’s; Shirt, Pants and Shoes from Tuxedo Den

On Beth on photos above:  Earrings from Mariell;  Dress from The Bridal Box


If you could offer any advice to engaged couples, what would it be?
Beth + Kelvin: Enjoy the experience of being engaged to one another. Wedding planning can be stressful but having a common goal to work towards with your partner is really special and won’t come around again in the same way.

—Interviewed by Emily Peter-Corey


Stay tuned to see more from our “Sustainable Beauty” styled shoot.

Photos by The DeLauras for Real Weddings Magazine.