My friend Wendy Stedeford is an amazing acupuncturist, not to mention just a cool gal!

I recently discovered her blog, and she graciously agreed to let me steal this entry for our blog!

“Everyone wants to feel pretty (or handsome) right? It’s said that life is easier for the beautiful. Well, here’s a 5 minute, one step spruce up for becoming more beautiful from the inside out.

There is, actually, one specific acupuncture point we sometimes call the point of facial beauty. It’s the point located in the web of the hand between your thumb and index finger. If you hold your left thumb along your left index finger you create a line. Follow this line with your right index fingertip going toward your heart. At the end of the line, slip your right index fingertip off toward your left index finger side of the line. Feel for the slight dip and you’ve found the point. If it’s tender, you’re at the right spot.

This is the fourth point on the large intestine meridian. This line of energy ends at the face. By stimulating large intestine 4 you activate the energy along the length of the meridian. By increasing the blood and qi of the meridian, everything associated with that meridian benefits. That includes not only your face but your hand, elbow, shoulder, neck, upper jaw, sinuses, nose and of course, your large intestine.

Before trying this course of acupressure take a minute to look at yourself in the mirror. Look at yourself overall then look at the details. Make sure you can list at least 4 things you like about your face. Then choose 2 or 3 or 4 things you would like to improve. For two weeks commit to looking into a mirror as little as possible. Take 5 minutes morning and evening everyday for two weeks to rub this spot on both hands. After two weeks go back and check on the things you wanted to change. Acupressure usually doesn’t change things as quickly as acupuncture but change they will.

Not only should you see an overall improvement in the tone and appearance of your face but you might also see change in headache frequency, upper jaw issues, large intestine issues, pain, or hand, arm, elbow or shoulder issues too. It’s a “handy” point to know.”

How cool is that? Thanks Wendy!

So take a break from your wedding planning, my beautiful brides and check out Wendy’s blog for yourself — it’s filled with all kinds of interesting and useful stuff for your well-being: or log on to her Web site: