Happy Sunday everyone! We have a gorgeous, French inspired Submitted Styled Shoot just for you this afternoon! Think lilac finishes, fountains and gardens, off the shoulder gowns, and more. Happy Sunday and happy reading!

Lavender and pale stationary.Lavender and lilac stationary, jewelry and shoes.

Bride holding her groom's arm and smiling.

Close up photo of a groom's hand grabbing his wife's chin.

Black and white photo of a groom and bride touching foreheads inside the veil.

Picture of bride in her gown by a fountain, holding flowers.

Bride leaning her head against her groom's chin as he looks into the camera.

Black and white photo from behind of the bride and groom holding hands.

Bride and groom kissing in front of a house.

Blonde bride posing on a bench near an outdoor pond.

Bride laughing behind a cherry blossom tree.

Full body photo of a bride twirling her dress by a cherry blossom tree.

Outside dining table with chairs, candles, and plates.

Two tiered cake with pastel purple finishes.

Entryway to an altar with roses lining the outline.

Photos above courtesy of Adrienne & Dani Photography

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