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The Couple:   Anya & Phillip Albonetti 

Wedding Date:    October 10, 2009 

Photography by Stellasweet Photography 

Tell us a little about you and your beloved:  

Phillip and I are both avid swing dancers. At the University of Notre Dame, we were able to see each other regularly when attending the weekly (and sometimes biweekly) lessons and dances. In the beginning, we were quite shy around one another. But after a couple swing trips to Chicago, Michigan, and other locations, Phil and I became quite close. 

Wanting to try and start a relationship, I suggested to Phil that we should date. Having other things on his mind, he decided that staying friends was the best solution for now. I wasn’t hurt, and I consented. 

After a summer away and my studying abroad in Europe for another 4 months, Phil’s tune changed. When I returned from Europe committed to a foreign boyfriend, Phil quickly realized what he wanted…and that was me. 

Not interfering on the already-established relationship with my then-boyfriend, Phil was becoming a better and better friend to me. Then, when one day I broke things off with my foreign sweetheart, Phil stepped in with confidence. Not too much longer we were finally dating. After a year and nine months, he proposed, and the rest is history. 

To this day, we still share our love for swing dance, and show our love for each other on the swing floor. It is what brought us together, and it will prevent us from drifting apart. 

What was the most amazing part of your day? 

The most amazing part of our wedding day was the kiss at the end of the ceremony. 

Picture this: a gorgeous boardwalk over a stream cutting through the Memphis Botanic gardens. A red bridge in the distance. A swan paddling in the stream. Bridesmaids in teal and raspberry colors. Groomsmen in black suits with teal vests. And our guests sitting on both sides of the stream blowing bubbles. By the time we had said our “I Do’s,” my knees were knocking with excitement for I knew that the next time that I kissed Phil, he would be my husband. I remember the feeling precisely. I was so emotionally overwhelmed, that it was hard to keep from crying. My most amazing memory from the day is definitely the kiss! 

What else would you like to share about your big day? 

Our vintage-themed wedding was accented with parasols, pearls, feathers, boas, and swing music galore. With a local DJ who teaches swing dancing to the Memphis residents teaching swing dance to our guests and several unusual games played at our reception, our evening’s celebration was a blast! 









Reception Venue:   Spaghetti Warehouse 

Photographer:   Stellasweet Photography 

Cake:   Harriet’s Creations 

Flowers:   Kroger 

Favors:   DIY by Bride 

Wedding Dress:   Mia Solano 

Hair/hairpieces:  DIY by Bride 

Makeup:   DIY by Bride 

Invitations:   DIY by Bride 

DJ/Entertainment:   Jaredan Braal 

Honeymoon location:   France/Paris 

First Dance Song:   “Cheek to Cheek” By Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald 

Photos courtesy of Stellasweet Photography. 

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