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The Couple: Mary & Trevor

Wedding Date: June 13, 2015

Photography by 2 Girls 20 Cameras

Tell us a little about you and your beloved: Trevor and I had a few best friends in common, but when we first met we didn’t interact much. We were both in other relationships, and even after those ended and our friends tried to set us up, it didn’t happen. I’ve never been a fan of being set up to date anyone – I’ve always wanted things to happen naturally – for there to be a spark. Several months down the road, we both attended our friends’ daughter’s 1st birthday party, and then the rest is history. We hit it off – sparks were definitely flying – and we have never left each other sides since that day.

A little over a year later, we both KNEW that this was it. Trevor took me to look at rings a few times, and we actually ended up ordering my engagement ring together. I wanted that ring as soon as it arrived at the jewelry store, but Trevor had other plans for it. He wanted the proposal to be a surprise, a memory we would both hold special to our hearts later in life. Over the next few weeks we went on several amazing dates, and in my mind I was always thinking “okay, today’s THE day,” but Trevor was still holding out for the PERFECT moment. One weekend in November, we headed out to the bay area for a friend’s baby’s 1st birthday… or so I thought. We ended up pulling up to a beach in Half Moon Bay, and Trevor asked if I’d take a walk with him down the beach. The beach has always been a special place to me – it’s the perfect place to clear your head, think about loved ones, or just be with someone you love. Strangely, Trevor and I had never made a trip together in the year and a half we’d been dating. Again, I thought this was IT, but it wasn’t.

After we’d walked for a while, he said he’d made dinner reservations at Miramar restaurant and so we walked on over and asked to be seated. Trevor insisted on sitting outside, and we were told there was going to be a bit of a wait. I didn’t mind the wait so much, but it was a cold day, and I’d already gotten a little chilly from our walk outside, and kept asking why we couldn’t just eat inside where it was warm. Right when I was about to insist that we sit inside, the waiter advised our table was ready and escorted us to the patio. I noticed that there were heaters outside so we’d be warm. I also noticed some of the tables were placed around firepits – they looked so comfy and warm, I tried to get Trevor’s attention and ask to wait for a firepit instead, but he wasn’t listening to me – he just kept walking. Before I knew it, we got to the last table on the patio which had an amazing view of the ocean. Trevor moved to the side so I could get a few of the whole table – and there it was – the table did have a firepit – AND it was setup with the most amazing decorations – the table was covered in red roses and petals arranged into the words MARRY ME? I instantly burst into tears and had to sit down for a moment, and then Trevor sat down next to me and had the ring ready. It was one of the most romantic moments of our life together, and it still brings me to tears just thinking about it.

After that, we started wedding planning immediately. It was so special to me that Trevor participated in a lot of the planning – I wanted it to be our special day, not just mine. I had always dreamed of a spring wedding, and I knew there was no way I’d be able to plan the wedding of my dreams in half of year, so we decided to plan for Spring 2015 so we’d have about a year and half to plan. We initially thought we would go with a local winery for our venue – we live in Lodi, CA which is surrounded by vineyards – but never quite found what we were looking for. We definitely wanted one venue for both the ceremony and reception.

One day, I read an article about a couple who had their reception in a private barn – Inspiration struck! I googled barns near our area and there it was – Delta Diamond Farm Event Center! Not only did it have an amazing courtyard with an oak tree very similar to a winery we had been considering, but it also had a 2 story barn with these amazing chandeliers for lighting. It was nothing but gorgeous! I was head over heels for this place! I sent the pictures to Trevor immediately and he was in love, too. As soon as we saw the property in person, there was nothing left to consider – we were sold! The rest of the wedding planning came pretty easily after that – we chose to do things ourselves and not hire a planner. We wanted the wedding to really reflect who we are as a couple, and as individuals. We also put together a lot of the decorations ourselves and with the wedding party. We also asked my brother to be our officiant – neither of us are very religious and we wanted the ceremony to be romantic and sincere, but at the same time short and sweet with a little humor mixed it, and my brother delivered that perfectly. We included a unity ceremony where we mixed a Washington Apple (Crown Royal Apple with Cranberry Juice) and each took a shot.

What was the most amazing part of your day? It’s hard to say… the whole day really was amazing, being able to spend it with all of our loved ones. I guess I’d have to say the little details that were so “us”, and the silly moments that still make me giggle. The sign at the end of the aisle at the ceremony that said “Last Chance to Run,” the skit by comedian Aziz Ansari (“Insane Proposal”) that we played during the reception, my uncle Dave singing and playing us several songs on his guitar, one of which he wrote for his wife, our first dance – we didn’t practice ahead of time, and things got a little rocky towards the end, but one of our flower girls jumped in to save us and we have some very cute pictures of her dancing along with us. We also can’t forget the keg stands at the end of the night – both Trevor and I did one after the bartenders made the suggestion –I was still in my wedding dress. Also, the speeches – especially the part where I made a note on the itinerary for the DJ to make sure that he didn’t give the mic to one particular groomsmen if he was too tipsy, but I also gave the same copy of the itinerary to the entire bridal party… it was an embarrassing moment, but it also ended up making for one of the funniest speeches.

Sacramento_Weddings_​Mary & Trevor_2_Girls_20_Cameras_0001 Sacramento_Weddings_​Mary & Trevor_2_Girls_20_Cameras_0002 Sacramento_Weddings_​Mary & Trevor_2_Girls_20_Cameras_0003 Sacramento_Weddings_​Mary & Trevor_2_Girls_20_Cameras_0004 Sacramento_Weddings_​Mary & Trevor_2_Girls_20_Cameras_0005 Sacramento_Weddings_​Mary & Trevor_2_Girls_20_Cameras_0006 Sacramento_Weddings_​Mary & Trevor_2_Girls_20_Cameras_0007 Sacramento_Weddings_​Mary & Trevor_2_Girls_20_Cameras_0008 Sacramento_Weddings_​Mary & Trevor_2_Girls_20_Cameras_0009 Sacramento_Weddings_​Mary & Trevor_2_Girls_20_Cameras_0010 Sacramento_Weddings_​Mary & Trevor_2_Girls_20_Cameras_0011 Sacramento_Weddings_​Mary & Trevor_2_Girls_20_Cameras_0012 Sacramento_Weddings_​Mary & Trevor_2_Girls_20_Cameras_0013 Sacramento_Weddings_​Mary & Trevor_2_Girls_20_Cameras_0014 Sacramento_Weddings_​Mary & Trevor_2_Girls_20_Cameras_0015 Sacramento_Weddings_​Mary & Trevor_2_Girls_20_Cameras_0016 Sacramento_Weddings_​Mary & Trevor_2_Girls_20_Cameras_0017 Sacramento_Weddings_​Mary & Trevor_2_Girls_20_Cameras_0018 Sacramento_Weddings_​Mary & Trevor_2_Girls_20_Cameras_0019 Sacramento_Weddings_​Mary & Trevor_2_Girls_20_Cameras_0020 Sacramento_Weddings_​Mary & Trevor_2_Girls_20_Cameras_0021 Sacramento_Weddings_​Mary & Trevor_2_Girls_20_Cameras_0022 Sacramento_Weddings_​Mary & Trevor_2_Girls_20_Cameras_0023 Sacramento_Weddings_​Mary & Trevor_2_Girls_20_Cameras_0024 Sacramento_Weddings_​Mary & Trevor_2_Girls_20_Cameras_0025 Sacramento_Weddings_​Mary & Trevor_2_Girls_20_Cameras_0026 Sacramento_Weddings_​Mary & Trevor_2_Girls_20_Cameras_0027 Sacramento_Weddings_​Mary & Trevor_2_Girls_20_Cameras_0028 Sacramento_Weddings_​Mary & Trevor_2_Girls_20_Cameras_0029 Sacramento_Weddings_​Mary & Trevor_2_Girls_20_Cameras_0030 Sacramento_Weddings_​Mary & Trevor_2_Girls_20_Cameras_0031 Sacramento_Weddings_​Mary & Trevor_2_Girls_20_Cameras_0032 Sacramento_Weddings_​Mary & Trevor_2_Girls_20_Cameras_0033 Sacramento_Weddings_​Mary & Trevor_2_Girls_20_Cameras_0034 Sacramento_Weddings_​Mary & Trevor_2_Girls_20_Cameras_0036 Sacramento_Weddings_​Mary & Trevor_2_Girls_20_Cameras_0037 Sacramento_Weddings_​Mary & Trevor_2_Girls_20_Cameras_0038
Ceremony and Reception Site: Delta Diamond Farm Event Center
Officiant: Joseph McGuire (Bride’s Brother)
Photographers: 2 Girls 20 Cameras
Caterer: Sac City Eats BBQ
Cake/Desserts: Something Sweet Bakery
Flowers: Little Flower Shop
Favors: Wedding Favor Unlimited
Bridal Attire: Dress from The Elizabeth Bridal. Jewelry from Kay Jewelers. Shoes by Allure Bridals.
Groom’s Wedding Band: Qalo
Bridesmaids’ Attire: Alfred Angelo
Flowergirls’ Attire: The Elizabeth Bridal
Hair: Hair by Kristen Black
Invitations: MagnetStreet Weddings
Signage/Decorations: Oriental Trading Company, Joann’s, and others DIY by the Bride/Groom/Bridesmaids.
DJ/Entertainment/Band and Bartenders: Party Kings Mobile Music & Entertainment
Furniture and Linen Rentals: Delta Diamond Farm Event Center
Honeymoon Location: Sandals Royal Bahamian in Nassau, Bahamas
Wedding Music: 
  • Ceremony Processional – “A Thousand Years Part 2” by Christina Perri ft. Steve Kazee
  • Ceremony Recessional – “Fame (instrumental)”  by David Bowie
  • Reception Bridal Party Entrance – “Gangsters Paradise (instrumental)” by Coolio
  • First Dance Song – “You’re Still the One” by Shania Twain
  • Cake Cutting Song – “Pour Some Sugar on Me” by Def Leppard
  • Bouquet Toss Song – “Man I feel like a woman” by Shania twain
  • Garter Toss Song – “Sharp Dressed Man” by ZZ Top
  • Last Song – “The Time” by The Black Eyed Peas
Any advice you’d give to our readers who are planning their weddings right now? Give yourself enough time to plan so that you are able to enjoy it! Trevor and I loved our long engagement! Also, a budget is definitely a necessity – be sure to do your research so you have a fair idea of what everything will cost and also include some wiggle room. Although we were able to stick to our budget for the most part, there were definitely some things we ended up splurging on (the dress, the venue – who could resist?), but we were also able to make up for the splurges in other areas by ending up with lower costs than we projected.
Samples!! Sample everything – catering, cake, invitations – most vendors offer these are free to little charge and sometimes things are so much different in person. Last, make sure you have fun and be yourself! People will share opinions to help during planning, and although you should want your guests to enjoy your weeding, this is also YOUR special day.
Anything that you would have done differently if you were given the chance? Our pictures came out amazing, and they are great keepsakes of our special day, but there are some moments that we wish we had also hired a videographer. Although a few guests did take some videos for us, it would also have been nice to have a professional video of the entire day.

Photos courtesy of 2 Girls 20 Cameras.

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