Successful event planning is a true art. Grace of Graceful Gatherings, and her team, brings the art of event planning to couples all over California to create the wedding of their dreams. With a background in theatre, dance, customer service and a degree in tourism, Grace is a people-person with a knack for aesthetics and organization.

We love that Graceful Gatherings has created several planning packages to accommodate the needs and budgets suitable for all couples. From wedding direction to the whole shebang, Graceful Gatherings caters to couples to help alleviate the work and stress associated with the planning and coordination of the big day. And for a select few, The Elite Planning Package is designed for Graceful Gatherings to take care of just about everything for you except saying, “I do.”


Graceful Gatherings knows, however, that there are couples out there who are looking forward to planning their own wedding. For those couples, a la carte services are designed for couples who know exactly what they want, but could use a hand in execution. For example: Styling services, venue selection, or even creating a S’mores Bar.

The bottom line: No matter what stage of planning you are in, how much or how little you are wanting to do yourself, or you just don’t even know where to begin, Graceful Gatherings has the expertise to help create your dream wedding.

For more information about Graceful Gatherings, log on to or call 530-305-5339. And, be sure to “like” Graceful Gatherings on Facebook HERE!

Photos by Julia Croteau Photography / copyright Real Weddings Magazine.

Blog post by Real Weddings Magazine’s writer, Kelley Saia.

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