Let’s face it: weddings are not like they used to be. The once humble unification of years past has evolved into a grand celebration of love. So, why not update the proposal to a grand celebration as well?

There are a variety of talented wedding pros in our area that have planned an infinite amount of successful weddings, but did you know that some offer proposal packages as well? We reached out to a few our partners to get their thought on this trend and to see how they can help make your proposal the best day of you and your partners life…until, of course, the wedding day arrives.

“Since opening in 1904, The Westin St. Francis in San Francisco has been renowned for hosting breathtaking weddings, and now couples can experience the picture-perfect proposal with The Westin St. Francis’ new wedding proposal packages, offering very exclusive experiences typically not available to guests.  The Westin St. Francis has a vibrant, iconic destination in San Francisco. We are the only hotel directly located on Union Square, with cable cars stopping just outside our doors. All of the city’s best shopping, theatre, nightlife and dining options are just steps away.

Lovers can make the moment magical by popping the question under the enchanting 1907 Magneta Clock where lovers have met for more than a century, or from within an exquisite jewel-box chamber that once served as the hotel’s chapel (completely secluded and hidden in the hotel, so much so that most people don’t even know it exists). Or, they can steal their loved one’s heart away by reserving the entire Imperial Floor with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the sparkling City by the Bay (this floor is only ever opened to guests attending a private event). Each proposal is celebrated with champagne and special treats for the happy couple.”

Daniela Puccinelli, The Westin St. Francis

“Our services include everything from idea creation to full coordination of the proposal. We start by getting to know the relationship via an interview with the proposer then we will manage all of the partner bookings (restaurants, photographers, hot air balloons, etc.), and sometimes, depending on the proposal, we are there on the day-of to ensure everything goes as planned. We love being able to offer the element of surprise. Often times, a man or woman doesn’t have a lot of time, or privacy, to be able to make the necessary arrangements, without their partner knowing.

Proposal planning isn’t something that should be looked at as negative (lazy or uncaring), in fact it’s the opposite. I believe a person comes to us because they know how important this moment is, and they want to make it incredibly special. One of the biggest tips when planning a proposal is keep it personal. If your relationship is full of outdoor adventures, find a way to get outdoors. If your partner is a private person, you certainly don’t want to but it on the big screen of a NFL game!”

Lisa Lucia, L Squared Affairs, 916-800-4522

“Proposing to your true love is a moment to treasure! At Tan Weddings & Events, we offer packages for a stress-free, memorable marriage proposal. Packages are customized to match your vision and may include securing the perfect venue, flowers, musician, photographer, videographer and more! Our most popular proposal package includes 1 hour at a special location, table set up with flowers and candles, a harpist, and a half hour of photos.

Tips for the perfect proposal…

  1. Begin thinking of some venue options that are meaningful to the two of you; perhaps where you first met, had your first date or a spot that is memorable. Make plans for how and when you will arrive there.
  2. Write down your thoughts about what you want to say and how you want to say it! Will you get down on one knee?
  3. Envision the proposal – will there be anyone special with you like friends or family? Are you picturing being alone or in a public place?
  4. Make a list of some of the favorite things that you do together and love about each other. These will help create the basis for a theme and style for the proposal.
  5. Rehearse the proposal in your mind many times from beginning to end!
  6. Be at peace if something goes differently than expected, no matter what, your proposal will be unique and full of love and joy.”

Jennifer Tan, Tan Weddings & Events, 530-601-0914

“Our Proposal Packages are completely custom to the client. Everyone has a different idea on what they want to accomplish, but don’t always have the means or resources to execute it. We typically create a custom collection of services to meet their unique needs. Here are my tips:

  1. Consider your audience, and most importantly, their comfort level with an audience. Many of my clients know that their fiancé would prefer privacy and therefore, avoid anything in a very public place; assuring a more intimate experience. This is incredibly important to consider before planning your location and invitations for a post-celebration soiree.
  2. We usually interview the client regarding their fiancé to learn more about who they are individually and who they are as a couple. This way we can personalize the proposal on another level – from food to beverage to music, all aspects of the proposal can be fine-tuned to reflect the beginning of your story and beyond.
  3. Lastly, make sure you have all of your ducks in a row. Is your fiancé traditional? Did you ask permission from their key family members? Did you research ring insurance to protect your investment? All of these things should be considered prior to the proposal to alleviate any additional stressors and keep the focus on the fun!”

Kate Whelan, Kate Whelan Events, 888-808-5283

“We actually do plan proposals if asked! It is an a-la-carte kind of service and depends on the client’s vision and needs. We actually planned a proposal at Park Winters with a helicopter. It was amazing. We had a videographer film it.

For the perfect proposal we recommend that the client find something that is special or important to the couple and run with it. Is family important to both? Then proposing at a dinner where all family is present may be the way to go. Are they both daredevils? Maybe go skydiving and pop the question at the landing. Was your first date at an amusement park? Get some friends to hold up “Will you marry me?” signs behind you on a roller coaster just as the camera snaps a picture. Propose after you get off the ride.

The biggest thing we have learned is to actually ASK the person you want to marry “Will you marry me?” We have had clients where nerves are high and they just hold out the ring and forget the question. Practice makes perfect!

From lavish, to simple and intimate, we can plan weekend getaways and amazing proposals for our clients. Since we are all inclusive we can set up all of the candles, handle all of your floral needs and coordinate any vendors that are involved. We are a one-stop-shop!”

Jenn Robirds, Jenn Robirds Events, 626-841-3758

“Several proposals have happened here and we are very happy to help stage them. We often set up a table with a bottle of champagne and glasses. Here is a video from early last year!”

Mary Watts, Ironstone Vineyards, 209-728-1251

Although not all of our local wedding pros offer proposal packages, many are still eager to help if you have an idea in mind.

For that perfect autumn proposal contact Meghan Bishop-Sanderson at Bishop’s Pumpkin Farm, 530-633-2568.

Looking to get lost in a vineyard? Contact Sandra Wilson at Wilson Vineyards, 916-744-1456 x11.

For inside and outside options with breathtaking backdrops, contact Jenny Giallanza at Timber Creek Ballroom, 916-774-3870.

For an intimate, rustic feel, contact Annette Magallanes at The Barn at Second Wind, 530-409-1749.

For a vineyard with jaw-dropping views, contact Kathleen Mahan at Helwig Winery, 209-245-5200 x03.

Are you a partner of ours and offer proposal packages, or are willing to help? Email Emily at emily@stylemg.com and we’ll include you in this list!

Blog post by Real Weddings Magazine’s Associate Editor, Emily Peter.

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