Are you a real Sacramento-area bride or recently-wed with cover aspirations?

Then get your butt in gear and enter the Real Weddings Magazine Cover Model Contest! The deadline is only EIGHT  –  count ’em with me girls…one, two, three, four, five, six, seven…eight – days away!! 

No more excuses, no more lolly gagging!  Get your form completed, get your pictures ready and send it on in. Your entry has to be received by our offices (we have a mail drop slot that you can slide it through) by midnight next Sunday, August 15!

Read on for more information!

Each issue of Real WeddingsMagazine features real local-area brides on its cover!

Hundreds of real brides enter, and ultimately three are chosen. Those three real brides get to participate in a day-long photo shoot where they get the chance to vogue it up in front of the camera.

All three of our real bride models will appear on one of our Real Weddings Magazine covers (like the Summer 2010 cover featured above with our cover brides Nicole, Sarah and Jillian) and then ultimately, one of our real bride models will be chosen as our cover model winner and appear on the cover of Real Weddings Magazine on her own (like the Fall 2010 cover featured below with our cover model winner Sarah).

So if you’re a local bride or a local just-married (cannot be married before January 1, 2010) and you’ve got cover aspirations, then you need to enter! Hurry, the deadline to get your entry in is August 15th, so get movin’ toots!

Need an entry form? Click here to download it now!

If you’re going to enter…one word of advice, show us your personality on the answers to the questions — we love working with brides who have a lot of spunk, personality, humor and who are just darned cool girls. Be sure that your answers really reflect who you are! Oh, and don’t forget to include photos that really show your personality coming through as well!

Also, be sure to read all of the rules to make sure that you’re eligible to enter and are game to participate!

We cannot wait to see your entries so get them in soon!

Blog Post by Editor/Publisher Wendy Sipple.

Cover photos by True Love Photo, © Real Weddings Magazine. For additional cover model shoot photos and details, please see magazine.

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