Welcome back to our blog series from our cover model finalists photo shoot, “Beautiful Works of Art,” from the current Winter/Spring 2014 issue of Real Weddings Magazine.

In this installment, you get to know a little bit more about cover model finalist Anne Iaccopucci — we fell in love with her when she came into the cover model finalist interview. As you’ll see in this post, her husband, Dan, played a big part of her interview, and we instantly loved her (and his) sense of humor and knew that she’d be an amazing cover model finalist! Like Karmen, we absolutely adore Anne and are so honored that she is one of our cover model finalists for this issue of Real Weddings Magazine.

So without further ado, we present our Real Weddings Magazine Cover Model Finalist, Anne Iaccopucci!

ANNE-FBHer love story:  Anne was convinced by one of her closest friends to take an art class where she was introduced to her now-husband, Dan, as Mr. Herrera. Yes, he was the instructor. He was fun, helpful, knowledgeable and wore the same the same sci-fi museum T-shirt to almost every single class. It wasn’t exactly love at first sight for Anne, but she did enjoy his class. A few months after the class ended, their paths began to cross and a relationship ensued. Roughly a year later, the couple was celebrating the holidays in New York City, and on Christmas morning, Dan proposed.

PhotoBySharpePhotographers©RealWeddingsMagazine-CM-WS14-ANNE-1 PhotoBySharpePhotographers©RealWeddingsMagazine-CM-WS14-ANNE-2 PhotoBySharpePhotographers©RealWeddingsMagazine-CM-WS14-ANNE-3 PhotoBySharpePhotographers©RealWeddingsMagazine-CM-WS14-ANNE-4

Their wedding day:  The wedding was held at Dan’s parents’ home near the American River. Anne describes the day as “woodsy and elegant.” One of the special touches was a handmade dance floor over the pool—thankfully it was sturdy! One element that the couple especially loved was a caricaturist who drew fun pictures of the guests as a keepsake—paying homage to Anne’s late father who loved having caricatures drawn. The night was filled with dancing, laughs, food, drinks and amazing memory-making moments.

PhotoBySharpePhotographers©RealWeddingsMagazine-CM-WS14-ANNE-SPREADS-3 PhotoBySharpePhotographers©RealWeddingsMagazine-CM-WS14-ANNE-7 PhotoBySharpePhotographers©RealWeddingsMagazine-CM-WS14-ANNE-SPREADS-5 PhotoBySharpePhotographers©RealWeddingsMagazine-CM-WS14-ANNE-8

What Dan thought about the cover model contest:  While Dan was extremely supportive of Anne, he was also preoccupied with thinking up ways to get himself in the magazine. He suggested that Anne take a photo of him to the interview. He was certain if we saw how cute he is, then he would be a finalist too. We love his modesty.

PhotoBySharpePhotographers©RealWeddingsMagazine-CM-WS14-ANNE-11 PhotoBySharpePhotographers©RealWeddingsMagazine-CM-WS14-ANNE-12 PhotoBySharpePhotographers©RealWeddingsMagazine-CM-WS14-ANNE-13 PhotoBySharpePhotographers©RealWeddingsMagazine-CM-WS14-ANNE-14 PhotoBySharpePhotographers©RealWeddingsMagazine-CM-WS14-ANNE-15 PhotoBySharpePhotographers©RealWeddingsMagazine-CM-WS14-ANNE-16 PhotoBySharpePhotographers©RealWeddingsMagazine-CM-WS14-ANNE-17

Her “cover model” experience:  Anne was not originally selected when she first entered the contest, but she entered again, and when she received the call a few months later that she was in fact a finalist, it was all the more exciting. When she came in for her interview she didn’t have a chance to plan the “perfect” outfit, fix her hair or touch-up her makeup, which made her nervous. That is until she reminded herself that she was interviewing with Real Weddings Magazine, and we are all about real women.

The day of the shoot was surreal for Anne. Our finalists’ experiences are often driven by the location of our photo shoots. In this case, there were no mirrors behind the scenes, so the only glimpse that the “models” got of themselves was when the photographer shared a quick shot through his camera screen. That made the whole experience even more fun and exciting for Anne. She could not stop raving about the day. She said, “I wish I could do photo shoots everyday! Kate Moss is not allowed to complain.”

PhotoBySharpePhotographers©RealWeddingsMagazine-CM-WS14-ANNE-18 PhotoBySharpePhotographers©RealWeddingsMagazine-CM-WS14-ANNE-19 PhotoBySharpePhotographers©RealWeddingsMagazine-CM-WS14-ANNE-SPREADS-11 PhotoBySharpePhotographers©RealWeddingsMagazine-CM-WS14-ANNE-20 PhotoBySharpePhotographers©RealWeddingsMagazine-CM-WS14-ANNE-23 PhotoBySharpePhotographers©RealWeddingsMagazine-CM-WS14-ANNE-24 PhotoBySharpePhotographers©RealWeddingsMagazine-CM-WS14-ANNE-SPREADS-13 PhotoBySharpePhotographers©RealWeddingsMagazine-CM-WS14-ANNE-27 PhotoBySharpePhotographers©RealWeddingsMagazine-CM-WS14-ANNE-28 PhotoBySharpePhotographers©RealWeddingsMagazine-CM-WS14-ANNE-29 PhotoBySharpePhotographers©RealWeddingsMagazine-CM-WS14-ANNE-30

PhotoBySharpePhotographers©RealWeddingsMagazine-CM-WS14-ANNE-33 PhotoBySharpePhotographers©RealWeddingsMagazine-CM-WS14-ANNE-SPREADS-16 PhotoBySharpePhotographers©RealWeddingsMagazine-CM-WS14-ANNE-34 PhotoBySharpePhotographers©RealWeddingsMagazine-CM-WS14-ANNE-SPREADS-18 PhotoBySharpePhotographers©RealWeddingsMagazine-CM-WS14-ANNE-37 PhotoBySharpePhotographers©RealWeddingsMagazine-CM-WS14-ANNE-39 PhotoBySharpePhotographers©RealWeddingsMagazine-CM-WS14-ANNE-40 PhotoBySharpePhotographers©RealWeddingsMagazine-CM-WS14-ANNE-38

And, just for fun, here are some of the final cover mock-ups that we did of Anne…it was crazy tough for our team to pick a cover to be the final cover that would go to print ― Anne’s a beautiful Real Weddings Magazine cover model, wouldn’t you agree?!

PhotoBySharpePhotographers©RealWeddingsMagazine-CM-WS14-ANNE-COVERS-1 PhotoBySharpePhotographers©RealWeddingsMagazine-CM-WS14-ANNE-COVERS-2 PhotoBySharpePhotographers©RealWeddingsMagazine-CM-WS14-ANNE-COVERS-3 PhotoBySharpePhotographers©RealWeddingsMagazine-CM-WS14-ANNE-COVERS-4 PhotoBySharpePhotographers©RealWeddingsMagazine-CM-WS14-ANNE-COVERS-5 PhotoBySharpePhotographers©RealWeddingsMagazine-CM-WS14-ANNE-COVERS-6 PhotoBySharpePhotographers©RealWeddingsMagazine-CM-WS14-ANNE-COVERS-7 PhotoBySharpePhotographers©RealWeddingsMagazine-CM-WS14-ANNE-COVERS-8 PhotoBySharpePhotographers©RealWeddingsMagazine-CM-WS14-ANNE-COVERS-9

The cover model finalist contest photo shoot Real Weddings Magazine team members who produced this editorial feature include: Aimee Carroll, Morgan Casarez, Adriana Fruechtl, Caitlin Herrera, Desiree Patterson, Gloria Schroeder, Wendy Sipple, Leah Sturgeon, Jazmin White and Megan Wiskus.

And, of course, thank you to all the vendors who contributed to our cover model contest shoot. The vendors who participated in our cover model finalist shoot include:

Photographed on location at:

Crocker Art Museum

916-808-7000 | crockerartmuseum.org



Sharpe Photographers

Sam, Harry, Guinevere and John

916-949-4748 | sharpephotographers.com



FOR SKYE: I Make Beautiful

Jenifer Haupt, Makeup

Nicole Richardson, Hair

916-532-9800 | imakebeautiful.com


FOR ANNE: Beela & Dexe

Beela Shaikh, Makeup

Dexe Thao, Hair

916-505-9729 | 916-692-0397 | beelaanddexe.com


FOR KARMEN: All Dolled Up

Melissa Oretta, Makeup

Ashley Lyons, Hair

530-888-1562 | alldolleduphairandmakeup.com



Always Elegant Bridal & Tuxedo

530-755-4282 | alwayselegantbridal.net


The Bridal Box

916-742-4638 | thebridalbox.net


Bride To Be Couture

916-972-8223 | bridetobecouture.com


The Clothes Mine Bridal & Formalwear

209-267-0417 | 209-890-7532 | theclothesmine.com


De La Rosa’s Bridal & Tuxedos

916-983-3400 | delarosasbridal.com


Diamond Bridal Gallery

916-521-9856 | diamondbridalgallery.com


Dreamnette Bridal

916-780-4747 | dreamnette.com


Enchanted Bridal Shoppe

916-965-5683 | enchantedbridalshoppe.com


House of Fashion

916-554-7440 | hofbridal.com



916-304-5543 | siordesigns.com




Bel Aire Bridal | belairebridal.com


Emily Riggs Bridal | emilyriggsbridal.com


Frou Frou Accessories



Granville Millinery

740-504-6559 | granvillemillinerycompany.com


HSN | hsn.com


Jesse Ciani

916-685-3819 | jesseciani.com



Arden Fair Mall | 916-925-2845

Country Club Plaza | 916-485-3885

Downtown Plaza | 916-444-3333

Sunrise Mall | 916-962-3333

Westfield Galleria at Roseville | 916-771-3333



Sparkle Bridal Couture

916-538-6615 | sparklebridalcouture.com



Accents by Sage

916-799-6242 | accentsbysage.com


Ambience Floral Design

916-786-6851 | ambiencefloral.com


Bella Bloom Flowers

916-498-8588 | bellabloomflowers.com


Bloomers Floral Design

916-284-7955 | sacramentofloraldesign.com


Blooms by Martha Andrews

916-300-5948 | bloomsbymarthaandrews.com


Botanica Floral & Event Design

916-673-8650 | botanicaevents.com


In Full Bloom by MJL

916-717-2745 | infullbloombymjl.com



Bocca Catering

916-834-3554 | boccacatering.com


Blog post by Real Weddings Magazine’s Editor/Publisher Wendy Sipple.

Photos by Sharpe Photographers, copyright Real Weddings Magazine.

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