Real Weddings is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary and in honor of this milestone, we are checking back in with our beautiful cover models! We’ve been so lucky to work with over 60 local brides these past 10 years and we’re eager to see where they are now.

Tosha (left) graced our Winter/Spring 2013 cover shot at Preston Castle by Kris Holland Photography.

When and where did you get married?

Eloped (well kind of, we included close family and friends) on February 12, 2012 in Las Vegas, NV.

Any children (fur or human)?

Two munchkins; Easton, three years old and Ellie Mae, two years old. We didn’t waster any time, or I guess you could say”Oooopps!”

What do you do for a living?

Licensing & Enforcement Analyst for the Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation (in progress to be renamed Bureau of Marijuana Control since the passing Proposition 64).

Where are you living?

We just purchased a home right next to Preston Castle on Castle Oaks Golf Course.

What do you enjoy doing with your family?

Lots of things. We are total foodies; one night a week we don’t have the kids (to keep things spiced up and focused on us) and we search for random restaurants that are different than the norm, or occasionally hit the gun range, paint and wine nights, anything that interests us in the moment. In about a year, when the kids are old enough, we’ll start hitting other countries and start the real foodie experience! But for now, we also love taking the kids on new Sac area adventures. Train depot, festivals, etc.

Right now, life is super busy with two kids, a husband, friends, family and a full-time job. I must say even in the most stressful, chaotic or trying times, I wouldn’t wish for anything different. I’m extremely grateful to have a healthy family & friends and a job that I enjoy going to everyday. Plus, every now and then when I need a break from the everyday stresses of life, my girlfriends and I take a road trip; just as we did before kids and crazy jobs. That’s one thing that will never change in my life, strong relationships with family and friends. If you have that, anything is possible to overcome. I’m very fortunate.

Knowing what you now know, what advice would you give yourself on your wedding day?

This is funny, I was going to say take a shot of alcohol before walking down the aisle, so I could calm my nerves. My husband just reminded me that I forgot his wedding ring (so we used his dads for the ceremony) and we forgot to get the marriage certificate in Las Vegas (so the morning of our wedding we both had to rush/drive to get the paperwork), so now I would say the best advice would be to create a checklist of all essentials needed for the big day. We didn’t want to see each other the morning of our wedding day, so if I would have planned better we wouldn’t have had to rush around everywhere getting what we needed. And during all this my dad was going to tuxedo stores to find a rental cause he forgot his. Little chaotic, day of. Another thing if your makeup and hair stylists are coming to your hotel make sure you text or email them your hotel telephone number so they get access to your floor. Oops.

Whats your favorite part of marriage?

This is a hard one to pin down, but I’d say the fact we see each other as complete equals in our marriage; there’s nothing he does that I don’t do and vice versus (cooking, cleaning, raising our kids, all of it). We are a team, 100% (even though we both are super competitive, which is good since we both try to better ourselves for each other). We have our separate identities, but I feel like we don’t compromise with each other as much as others because we truly enjoy each others passions, fully respect one another and want to make the other happy. As an example, I love to travel, eat good food, and learn new things. My husband shares similar passions with me, so it’s never a battle with him when I want to go to new place and experience new things versus him not wanting to do anything or go anywhere.

How was your Cover Model experience?

The cover model experience was amazing. I was lucky enough that the photo shoot was in my hometown at the Preston Castle. I grew up in Amador County and used to babysit a couple of the correctional officers’ kids in the cottages in front of the castle. So it was nice to finally have that opportunity to tour the castle and be in a magazine at the same time. It was truly an amazing experience during the photo shoot. The makeup artists were amazing and competitive (just as much as I am). They made me feel so beautiful even tho at the time I was a bit larger than my average weight and I was extremely self-conscience of my arms and I think every wedding dress I wore was strapless, so they made me feel comfortable and I think we laughed a majority of the time. After the magazine came out, the attention was a bit weird,  I’m not much of a social media person, I guess I’m in the odd bunch of the millennial generation (selfie/duck face central), but I remember my boss saw the magazine or photos or something I just remember thinking that was a little crazy. So fun though, I still have the magazine next to my bed on the bookshelf.

Please thank Wendy and everyone at Real Weddings for this opportunity. I hope the magazine continues to prosper and hits that 25 year mark! Maybe one day my daughter will be in the magazine, how amazing would that be, circle of life.

The Winter/Spring 2013 cover model finalist contest photo shoot Real Weddings Magazine team members who produced this editorial feature include: Aimee Carroll, Morgan Casarez, Rhonda Lou Hayden, Jamila B. Khan, Desiree Patterson, Paris Ryan, Kelley Saia, Gloria Schroeder, Wendy Sipple, Leah Sturgeon and Megan Wiskus.

And, of course, thanks again to all the vendors who contributed to our cover model contest shoot. The vendors who participated in our cover model finalist shoot include:

Photographed on location at:

Preston Castle

209-256-3623  |

Photography by:

Kris Holland Photography

916-531-7341  |

with special thanks to Anne Williams

Hair and Make-up for Tosha by:

All Dolled Up

Melissa Oretta, Make-up

Lisa Sacco, Hair

530-888-1562  |

Hair and Make-up for Heidi by:

Jamey Amin, Hair


Cait Herrera, Make-up


Hair and Make-up for Nicole by:

Nicole Richardson, Hair


Jenifer Haupt, Make-up

Makeup by Jenifer Haupt/I Make Beautiful

916-532-9800  |

Dresses provided by:

Alma’s Bridal Boutique

916-434-8084  |

Always Elegant Bridal & Tuxedo

530-755-4282  |

The Bridal Box

916-742-4638  |

The Clothes Mine Bridal & Formalwear

209-267-0417  |

De La Rosa’s Bridal & Tuxedos

916-983-3400  |

Dreamnette Bridal

916-780-4747  |

Enchanted Bridal & Tuxedo Shoppe

916-965-5683  |

Haven Bridal Mart

916-983-9146  |

It’s All About Me Bridal Boutique

916-985-3885  |

Shoes provided by:

DSW Shoe Warehouse  |

Accessories provided by:

Advantage Bridal

877-933-7467  |


800-284-5757  |

Jesse Ciani

916-685-3819  |

Louise Green Millinery

310-479-1881  |

Stella & Dot

Stacey Yow, Independent Stylist

408-315-0020  |

Flowers provided by:

Ambience Floral Design

916-786-6851  |

Angie Zimmerman Designs

916-941-1171  |

Beautiful by Nature Florist

916-821-6966  |

Blooms by Martha Andrews

916-300-5948  |


916-212-5179  |

Natural Flair Custom Floral Designs

530-677-0878  |

Petals & Plum

916-223-4959  |

Verbena Flowers & Trimmings

916-933-3163  |

Visual Impact Design

916-489-3746  |

Furniture, vases and chandelier provided by:

The Find

916-798-4292  |

Catering provided by:

Bocca Catering

916-834-3554  |

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Blog post by Real Weddings Magazine’s Associate Editor Emily Peter.

Tosha’s wedding photo by Grandeur Photography.

Cover Model photos by Kris Holland Photography / copyright Real Weddings Magazine.

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