Happy Holidays, my darling Real Weddings readers. Do you have a flair for the original? Do you dare to be different? Then do we have the designer for you!

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Meet Rebecca Holden of Sior. This former actress applied her flair for the dramatic to creating a line of totally custom bridal gowns. Having working in bridal retail before launching Sior, Rebecca discovered a niche in the market for brides who desired something unique.

“Many people ask me what sior means, and how to pronounce it,” she says. “See-or is gaelic for eternal or eternity. Meaning that the custom dress I create for you and the designs I make for my own line are and can be timeless. They stem from classic designs and silhouettes that are forever in style. Giving you eternal wonderful memories of your perfect day. So even if the band was bad or a bridesmaid tripped down the isle, you will never say ‘I wish I had a different dress.’”

Sior offers a selection of dresses from a collection and the opportunity to create your own custom gown with Rebecca. So no matter the color, fabric, silhouette, neckline or skirt style, your dream wedding dress is just a consultation away!

Here are a few of Sior’s recent creations:


For more on Sior, log on to siordesigns.com, or contact them by phone 916-304-5543. And, don’t forget to “like” Sior on Facebook here!

Blog post by Real Weddings Magazine’s Always a Bridesmaid Columnist, Darren Elms..

Photos courtesy of and copyright Sior.

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