1-Brenda-SeanThe wedding is over. Now what to do with the dress?

Reddit user bmarielo asked the Reddit community that very question on Tuesday, and people responded with some truly unique ideas.

Read some of their best wedding gown solutions below:

Keep It

“I’m currently going through chemo, so I have no hair, and probably won’t have hair when I get married. My plan is to keep it till our one year anniversary (hopefully I will have some hair by then) and then recreate our wedding day photos.”

— mybaby51

Trash It

“I’m doing a trash the dress shoot the next day…I doubt it will actually be trashed, it just might get a bit dirty around the bottom — we’re hiking up a mountain to take pictures among the snow and wildflowers. I feel like I’ll wear it around the house to watch movies, and maaaaybe I’ll consider trying to dye it to see if I can get away with wearing it to some other party.”

— DrStinkbeard

Wear It Again

“Mine is just a simple tea-length lacy dress. So I’ll probably wear it for other fancy occasions in the future. Maybe even dye it a different color.”

— ksek

Donate It

“Donating it to The Brides Project so that someone else can enjoy it. Plus it raises funds for cancer research. I’m spending so much money on it, I’d like to pay it forward for some good in the world.”

— arhoglen

Reinvent It

“I had my dress made into a quilt with my husband’s wedding shirt weaved into it.”

— loverbaby

Travel With It

“After seeing the thread on Reddit a few weeks ago with the wife who’d wear her dress and the husband who would photograph her while traveling all over the world, my fiance decided that was a fantastic idea and for our anniversary each year we’ll go somewhere, I’ll get in my dress and we’ll take an interesting picture. So not really “trash the dress” but get lots and lots of use out if it without destroying it.”

— faile556

Store It

“Keeping it in the closet. I’m in the process of losing weight so I’d like to try it on in a year for a photo to see how far I’ve come!”

— julio–

Frame It

“I’m thinking of framing it! although that will probably be outrageously expensive. But I love the idea of being able to display it like artwork!”

— Jazzy_Jessie

Blog post by Real Weddings Magazine’s Always a Bridesmaid Columnist, Darren Elms.

Photo courtesy of Lexigraphics Photography.

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