Kathy Lanigan has been designing and baking cakes for more than a decade, but it wasn’t until last year’s enactment of the Cottage Food Act that she was finally able to make her confections available to the public.


In just a short time, the essentially self-taught artist (“through trial and error and the help of other seasoned artists willing to share their talents in books, videos and classes”) has built a stunning portfolio of cakes and cupcakes from her in-home studio, Kathy’s Little Cakery.


“I’ve always been fascinated with ‘pretty’ food,” she explains. “My cakes aren’t made for mass markets or speed. I take my time and create little works of art using beautiful handmade sugar flowers and shimmer finishes.”


Her extensive list of signature flavors features the perfect mix of traditional and outside-the-box options – from red velvet and white wedding, to the more decadent chocolate peanut butter cup and thin mint meltdown, there’s something for every sweet tooth in her kitchen.


Because Lanigan operates a one woman business, production is limited to no more than two cakes each week, but her creations are more than worth any wait. “I love that my art is temporary,” she says. “I get to create an extravagance that must be enjoyed in the moment.”


To learn more about Kathy’s Little Cakery, log on to kathyslittlecakery.com. And, make sure to “like” Kathy’s Little Cakery on Facebook, facebook.com/KathysLittleCakery.

Photos courtesy of Kathy’s Little Cakery.

Blog post by Real Weddings Magazine contributor, Morgan Casarez.

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