Welcome back to another installment of the “For Your Review” blog series based on our popular column in Real Weddings Magazine by columnist Sharon Penny.

With each issue of Real Weddings Magazine, Sharon scours the globe to find helpful, interesting, fun and often off-beat (which we love!) items and online resources that help you plan (or at least help you blow off some steam while planning) your big day.

We hope you enjoy this week’s “For Your Review” movie blog post!

When it comes to movies to watch on the eve of your wedding, sometimes the obvious choices are obvious because they’re exactly what you want. These movies are so eye-rollingly predictable you’ll be surprised by how much you suddenly really do want to watch them. Shhh, it’s OK. Don’t fight it.

The Princess Bride

Movie: The Princess Bride

It’s a classic for a reason. We all know it by heart, but it’s still fun to watch. Rollicking adventure, sweeping romance and the most hysterical wedding put to film.

The Philadelphia Story

Movie: The Philadelphia Story

Katherine Hepburn, Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart are brilliant in this all-time classic “Am I marrying the wrong guy?” caper.

My Best Friend's Wedding

Movie: My Best Friend’s Wedding

Don’t lie, you always sing along to the “Say a Little Prayer” scene. We all do. We’re only human.

Love Actually

Movie: Love Actually

Colin Firth’s terrible Portuguese, Liam Neeson being handsome, Hugh Grant dancing to the Pointer Sisters, a very young Sherriff Rick from TV’s The Walking Dead delivering an emo message of love to Keira Knightley—how can we not love this ridiculous movie?

Sixteen Candles

Movie: Sixteen Candles

Okay technically it’s kind of more about a birthday than a wedding but you NEED Molly Ringwald. And you need to see dreamy Jake one more time. It’s the best movie ever! Besides, it’s a public service: You need to remember why not to take muscle relaxers right before your wedding.


Blog post by Real Weddings Magazine’s For Your Review Columnist, Sharon Penny.

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