Happy Real Weddings Wednesday, everyone! We are thrilled about this gorgeous and dreamy elopement in Monterey. From the amazing florals and scenic backdrops of the forests, to the unique touches and fun moments, we know you’ll love these photos (thanks Aimée Flynn Photo!) as much as we did. Keep scrolling to learn more about Jacquie and Ernie!

Wedding gown hanging up at a dreamy Monterey Elopement for Jacquie and Ernie.

Floral design at a dreamy Monterey Elopement for Jacquie and Ernie.

Tell us a little about you and your beloved.

Jacquie: Ernie and I are high school sweethearts and reconnected after 22 years. We reconnected right before pandemic hit and quarantined together… it was magical. We eloped in Big Sur with our three daughters and had an intimate ceremony.

Ernie: Another part of our story is that we have been living in different states and have recently been figuring out how to live together in California. Busy, but beautiful transition for our family.

Bride getting ready for her dreamy Monterey Elopement.

Bride and her daughters putting their shoes on at her dreamy Monterey Elopement.

What was the best part of your day?

Jacquie: Being surrounded by gorgeous nature with my closest loved ones. There’s no other place like Big Sur.

Ernie: Our photo session with Aimee at the Henry Miller library was incredible. Aimee did such a good job of taking candid shots of our intimate ceremony and also crafting some of our favorite photos amongst the majestic redwoods with the sun peaking through the canopy. Everything felt so calm, serene, and natural. Aimee was able to skillfully translate the magic of those moments into her photos. It’s a day our family will always cherish and we are so grateful to Aimee for how thoughtfully she captured it all for us.

Flower circle in the middle of the forest for a dreamy Monterey Elopement.

Newlyweds laughing at the altar for their dreamy Monterey Elopement.

Newlyweds posing together after saying their vows at their dreamy Monterey Elopement.

What else would you like to share about your big day?

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Aimee for her kind spirit and phenomenal talent; to our amazing and generous florist; and to our gentle and thorough make-up and hair artists. We felt like we had the dream team of wedding helpers!

Newlyweds and their kids sitting on a fallen tree at their dreamy Monterey Elopement.

Advice from the couple:

Jacquie: Customize your life like you customize a wedding. Think outside the box. Do what makes you happy.

Ernie: Prioritize your comfort, try to minimize the stress of it all for maximum enjoyment, and try to find help that you jive with so that you can rest easy knowing that your special day is in good hands.

Newlyweds walking during sunset in their dreamy Monterey Elopement.

Couple about to kiss during sunset for their dreamy Monterey Elopement.

Photos courtesy of Aimée Flynn Photo and used with permission.

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