Here to inspire you, it’s Real Weddings Wednesday! Today, we present Kim + Stile!

*Note: This is a pre-pandemic wedding.

Lixxim Photography Rocklin Wedding Stile + Kim

Lixxim Photography Rocklin Wedding Stile + Kim

Tell us a little about you and your beloved:

Stile: We met just at the end of high school through some mutual friends, at which point we connected very quickly and began dating. We enjoyed a successful relationship for several months until I made the decision to join the military. At the time it was best we went our separate ways for about 10 years until we reconnected after I saw on social media that she had begun archery lessons. I had just competed in a veterans tournament and thought it would be a great social activity for some old friends. Well, little did we know just how strong that old flame was. Shortly after that day, we got back together and have been ever since. 

As for the proposal I had been holding onto the ring for some time waiting for the right opportunity to talk to her parents and get things settled when her parents invited me to a family vacation in Hawaii. It was then I knew exactly when and where it would have to be. After almost a year of waiting, I finally had the opportunity. I took Kim on a hike up the Sleeping Giant Mountain, and as we sat at a bench near the top, soaking wet from the tropical rain, I proposed as we gazed out over the ocean and our future. 

Surprisingly enough, the planning phase of the wedding was relatively easy. We wanted to keep things simple, local, and affordable. We are grateful to think so much alike that we didn’t have to make too many compromises. 

Lixxim Photography Rocklin Wedding Stile + Kim

Lixxim Photography Rocklin Wedding Stile + Kim

Lixxim Photography Rocklin Wedding Stile + Kim

Lixxim Photography Rocklin Wedding Stile + Kim

What was the best part of your day?

Stile: I have to say I’m not much for having so much attention on me, so after the ceremony and first dance, when everyone was enjoying themselves and not paying any attention to us, that first moment I could take a deep breath and take in everything that had just happened. Look at my new wife and really take it all in. That was my moment.

Kim: The ceremony of course, haha! But really being able to share such a special day with our closest friends and family, especially those we don’t get to see often, that is really what made it.

Anything else you’d like to share about your big day?

Stile: One of my favorite decisions we made was to host a cocktail hour just after the ceremony. Since we had the benefit of having the same location for both that and the reception, it gave us the opportunity to provide something a little more than background music. We started off serving a select list of cocktails and finger foods, played lounge music, and provide some outdoor yard games for people to socialize. The layout really provided the guests the best opportunity to mingle and enjoy a little bit of the evening air before being shuffled away to their seats for the night.

Kim: They always say that the day will go by faster than you think, but you aren’t really prepared for it. The lead up to the ceremony; the hair, the makeup, etc., that all felt like it took a day itself. But once we were ready to head to the venue it seemed like we were always trying to catch up. It’s funny, the time at the venue felt so short in comparison, even though I know I spent most of the day there.

First Dance Song: “Have I Told You Lately” by Van Morrison

Honeymoon Location: Waipouli Beach Resort, Kauai, Hawaii

Lixxim Photography Rocklin Wedding Stile + Kim

Any advice you’d give to couples planning their wedding right now?

Stile: Don’t overthink it too much. Remember that the majority of what you are planning for is for your guests, and let’s face it the photos, haha. You will be so busy the day of that all the small little details you put hours into will be a blur. That’s not to say any minute of those hours were not well spent, just remember that you may not get the full benefit in the end, and that’s okay.

Kim: Make sure to plan for the closing of the venue the day/night of the ceremony. Since we had the venue until midnight we were responsible for having it cleaned. We were so lucky to have had so many volunteers to help but it was not something we had initially planned for. Unless you want to get stuck after all the fun cleaning up after a few dozen drunk partygoers, it would be wise to seek a cleaning crew for after the festivities.

Anything that you would have done differently if you were given the chance? 

Stile: I would make time for more scheduled breaks throughout the day and the evening. Once things started it didn’t stop until the night was over. I would have enjoyed being able to sit down and have a drink with the whole bridal party and my new wife, just us, away from all the chaos. Even for just a few minutes.

Kim: Looking back I would have set our ceremony time a few hours sooner. When it was all said and done, as nice as it was, the evening felt like it went by so fast, it would have been really great to have had more time with friends and family.

Lixxim Photography Rocklin Wedding Stile + Kim

Lixxim Photography Rocklin Wedding Stile + Kim

Photos courtesy of and copyright Lixxim Photography, used with permission.

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