Chances are, you’ve heard of boudoir photo shoots. And chances are you’re terrified to give it a try. Just like anything outside of our comfort zones, it can be scary. But with the right team, it can be such an amazing experience! Boudoir shoots produce intimate, classy and romantic images to cherish forever.

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Grooms are tapping into the trend too with specialized “Dudoir” photos. These tend to be more hilarious and fun than they are sexy, but they can be just as special. {If you haven’t seen a Dudoir photo shoot, you have to check out these ones here from Artistic Photography by Tami!}

We’ve teamed up with some of our photography partners to bring you the scoop on boudoir shoots.

Boudoir 101

According to photo pro and photography educator, Christopher Kight, boudoir photos became “hot” back in the 80’s, but it was pricey and exclusive. Boudoir really burst onto the scene and became more accessible and more affordable when stores like Glamour Shots started offering this style of photography in the middle of the mall. Coincidentally, feather boas also made a comeback at this time. Around 2007 digital cameras changed the world, including the world of boudoir photography. The ability for photographers to immediately share with clients how they are doing during a shoot helps boost confidence and gives this style of photography a more natural and glamorous look.

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A Perfect Gift

Nikki and Chris of Heart of Life Photography specialize in boudoir shoots and say it makes a great wedding gift for your spouse. They love the idea of giving the images to him/her on your wedding day or even tucking just photo in their pocket as a flirtatious surprise.

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Knowing Your Best Side

Tra Huynh of Two Twenty Photos suggests clients really think about what features they love about themselves prior to coming to a boudoir session. Let your photographer know what your best features are and what you are most self-conscious about. If you love your eyes and your legs, they will focus on those areas. In the end, you’ll be even more thrilled with your photos.

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What to Wear

Mariea Rummel of Mariea Rummel Photography points out that we all have different tastes in lingerie and different ideas about what is sexy. The most important thing to remember when selecting your outfits is to select things that make you feel confident, comfortable and sexy.  If you’re not comfortable in a bra and panty set, a man’s collared dress shirt can be just as sexy. And don’t forget about footwear and accessories.

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Hair & Makeup

Katie White of Katie White Photography says many boudoir photographers have relationships with hair and makeup artists. Be sure to ask your photographer about hair and makeup teams they would recommend. Hiring a beauty team is well worth it!

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Confidence: Your Best Accessory

Katherine Elyse of Katherine Elyse Photography reminds boudoir clients that the best thing they can wear is confidence. Nothing is more attractive or more fun to photograph than self-love. Katherine says that all clients deserve to feel sexy.


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Head over Heels

Wendy Hithe of Wendy Hithe Photography recommends brides wear their wedding shoes in some or all of their photos. It not only makes the photos more special, but it’s a great opportunity to break in those shoes before the big day, get some more wear out of those expensive heels, and heels make every girl’s legs look stunning.


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Pretty Posing

Our friend, Noele Dodson-DeSafey of Eleon’s Portraits for Women says it’s natural to worry about looking unnatural in your boudoir photos. Thankfully, you don’t have to be a model to channel your inner Gigi and work those poses with a little coaching from your photographer. Make sure you find a photographer who is happy to guide you from head to toe into the most flattering poses during your shoot. And yes, it’s a bit of a workout, so expect to be sore the next day.

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Shop Around

Instead of shopping for your boudoir photographer by price, Amber Felts of Shoop’s Photography recommends shopping by personality. Amber says that, “While budget is important, feeling comfortable with your photographer and knowing what to expect and what you will get out of your session are paramount when it come to booking your session.” If there’s every a time to make sure you feel comfortable with a photographer, it’s a boudoir shoot.

There is so much to love about Boudoir photography. Above all is the celebration of women feeling beautiful. Slip into something flirty, slide into those heels, and step in front of the camera for an experience you’ll be glad you made.


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Blog post by Real Weddings Magazine’s writer, Kelley Saia. 

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