We are in the thick of wedding season and chances are, you have a few save-the-date cards sticking on your refrigerator. With so many weddings to attend, it is easy to feel overwhelmed over all of the possibilities of what to wear. You want to make sure that you’re looking your best in honor of such a momentous occasion for your loved one, but you also want to be aware of trends and what other guests may be wearing.

These do’s and don’ts on how to pick out your perfect wedding look from our friends at Macy’s will help you narrow down the perfect one for you (and your date, too).

Sacramento Wedding Fashion Sacramento Womenswear

Don’t Ignore The Attire Request On The Invitation
This is crucial and part of your responsibility as a wedding guest. If it’s a daytime wedding and the invitation does not specify the attire, feel confident in your selection of a sundress, a fun skirt or a jumpsuit. Your companion can wear a nice button up shirt and tie. If it’s during the evening and the invitation notes cocktail attire, you should step it up a notch. Play with the latest trends and incorporate a dress with ruffles and lace, and even a fun tiered hem. If you’re accompanied by a gentleman, he should wear a tie and sport coat. Black tie event? Take it a step further. Consider wearing a full length gown to the wedding. Your date should absolutely wear a tuxedo. Tuxedos are not hard to find. In fact, Macy’s has tuxedo and social/evening jackets & suit separates for great prices in the Men’s Department at select Macy’s stores, as well as macys.com.

Sacramento Wedding Fashion Sacramento Menswear

Do have fun with color
Back in the day, wearing red or another vibrant color may have been received as tacky and disrespectful. That’s not the case anymore! If you are headed to an outdoor wedding, the vibe instantly shifts to a bit more relaxed where you can let your personal style shine through. If it’s indoors and in the evening, think of richer hues like mauve, goldenrod, and fuchsia. While color is encouraged, neon and busy patterns are not. You don’t want to be the talk of the reception or be thought to upstage the bride.

Speaking of upstaging the bride: Don’t Wear White
The bride will be wearing white, therefore it is reserved just for her. Do not wear white to a wedding. This includes beige, eggshell and printed articles of clothing with white as its base color.

Do try on everything before the main event
You want to be sure you’re looking good, but you also want to be sure that you are feeling good in what you’ve selected. Put on the shoes that you plan to wear to the wedding, and wear them around the house or for a quick errand. You’ll be able to gauge your activity and comfort level and know if you’ll need to make a run to the store for a new pair. By trying on everything in advance, you’ll also be able to see if you need to make any last minute alterations or dry cleaning arrangements, or need to shop for some accessories to really make your look pop.

Do Consider Using a Stylist—it’s fun, it’s fast and it’s free
Are you a busy bee and don’t even have time to think about any of this? A personal stylist can make this whole experience enjoyable. The MyStylist team at Macy’s alleviates the overwhelm of picking out the perfect look for the special event you are attending. Whether it is helping select accessories for the dress you’ve chosen, assisting your gent with his suit/tuxedo options, or picking out your head-to-toe look, your date’s and picking out a gift, their team can handle it with immediacy and to your specifications. Best of all? It’s complimentary. Find one online at MyStylist at Macy’s.

Editor’s note:  We personally L.O.V.E the MyStylists at the Roseville Galleria Macy’s, particularly Annette and Moka—they go out of their way to make each and every clients’ experience the very best that it can be!

Story and photos courtesy of and copyright Macy’s.

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