Emma and Kyle are straight out of a Wes Anderson film – adorable, funny, and unique. In fact, their upcoming wedding might even have a few nods to the famous director. Keep reading to hear all about their Wes Anderson-inspired wedding, and how much they enjoyed modeling together.

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What made you want to model for this photo shoot?

Modeling is something neither of us has done before, but we always had this long-standing joke that we were Swedish models before we even started dating. We couldn’t have anticipated actually getting chosen to be apart of this, but knowing I’d be alongside the love of my life all day made all of my nerves disappear.

What was your favorite part of modeling?

The best part of modeling was being with Kyle, and constantly looking over at him and seeing his sweet face looking back at me. He had never seen me in a wedding dress, or anything so formal, and the look on his face when he first saw me was one of those mental snapshot moments. This was so special to share, and when it was over I wanted to cry because I had so much fun.

What was your favorite part of this shoot? Did you relate to the concept?

The team was phenomenal, just unbelievably lovely people. It felt like I was out with family all day, and we laughed so much my cheeks legitimately hurt by the end of it! I’ve never felt so beautiful. The shoot was so very chic, and I loved the juxtaposition between the scenery and the fashion. We were cracking up driving out to Rancho Victoria Vineyard, because I used to live near there for about 14 years! It made me miss home, and it simultaneously married who I’ve grown up to be with my roots, unbeknownst to the style coordinator, of course!

What do you do for a living?

Kyle works downtown for the state of California, and I am a fine artist going to school to be a graphic designer. It’s a unique combination, but we’ve both got inclinations to teach on some level; Kyle with his incoming degree in history and my background in creative psychology.

What do you do for fun?

We like to be cozy! We don’t really get out too much, we’re sort of homebodies who watch The Office a lot and picnic in the backyard. When we do go out, the big treat is going to the museum, the pub, and the antique mall or driving around in my super dorky Volvo singing along to David Bowie.

Tell us about your love story.

I met Kyle one chilly December night at this cafe I used to religiously go to in midtown. We met through a friend, and over time, we became amazing friends. It took long enough to finally date, but I knew if I could ever date Kyle, I’d marry him. We joked about a thousand times about when he would propose to me, but after almost a year of dating, he asked me with the most beautiful vintage ring in front of my favorite window in the old wing of the Crocker Art Museum. When we got into the car, he told me where to drive and we ended up at the Clunie Library near McKinley Park. He and my mom had set up a very Moonrise Kingdom-y dinner-picnic in a magical little tent with all my favorite records playing. Needless to say, it was the best thing ever.

 Tell us about your own wedding.

Well, it’s not happened yet, but let’s just say this November’s going to be stellar! We are super nerds for Wes Anderson movies, and because our engagement party was themed as such – costumes and all – it only makes sense that our wedding would be reflective of the whimsy and magic of those films. Imagine a slightly atypical wedding atmosphere, a big autumnal indoor picnic, with plaid to boot and one long table for our friends and family to be included at. 60s and 70s music fills the space and comfort food on the menu. I’ll be making Wes Anderson art to give away, my bridal party will wear tea-length plaid skirts; we’ll dance like the end of Rushmore. It’ll be theatrical, it’ll be sweet, it’ll be us. It’ll be the best day ever.

What was it like modeling with one another?

It was better than a dream. I mean, that’s the love of my life we’re talking about! I knew that he’d be a good sport about it, and that it would be something we’d laugh through and make the most of, and we did. We were beaming throughout the day, and since we haven’t taken engagement photos, this was a colossally new thing for us, something that was so special and brought us impossibly closer.

If you could offer any advice to future couples, what would it be?

Enjoy this time. It’s truly yours. It’s tragically easy to get caught up in the mess of it, the stress, the questions, the budgeting, but this moment is more than that. You get it once, and it’s magic. As my mom always says, steal your joy where you can find it, and there’s plenty to be had as a bride, as a groom, as someone who loves someone else.



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