For better or for worse, technology has found its way into just about every aspect of our lives, even weddings. We’ve compiled 10 of our favorite wedding apps designed to help couples with their wedding planning.

For the Magazine Lovers

Real Weddings Magazine App

Full disclosure: We are completely biased. Obviously. But, if you love Real Weddings Magazine, you will love this app! It’s Real Weddings on the go and it’s free! Yup, free! Offering more than just the magazine, this app is interactive allowing using to access just the pages they need or create a list of favorites.

BONUS: This app comes with access to our helpful The Planning Guide featuring lots of tips, timelines, tools and worksheets to serve as your wedding binder or add to your wedding binder!

Available in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

For the Wedding Binder Lovers


If you’re a paper person who lives for applying the satisfying checkmark to a completed task on your to-do list, Evernote is the perfect app for you. Evernote is like a digital binder where notes, photos, links, mockups and more can all be stored in one place. Plus, it’s collaborative, so you and your other half or even your mom can share ideas, notes, documents and more.

For the Organized (or trying to be) Lovers


We love that this app not only helps you stay organized in the easiest way possible, but it also tells you when you should start researching particular details. It’s like a personal trainer, for wedding planning. Plus, we are geeking out over the personalized pie chart that helps you track your progress.

For the Budget-focused Lovers

Wedding Budget Calculator

Keeping track of your budget is probably a top priority. This app makes it so easy. It not only tracks your spending, but it creates a side-by-side comparison of budget versus actual costs with an option to add notes. Although this app is not free, it’s worth budgeting $2.99 for it!

For the Photo Lovers


Thanks to the invention of the hashtag, it’s so much easier to access your friends and family’s photos from your wedding, but WedPics makes it even easier. Friends and family can upload all of their photos to the free app where you can organize them in albums, order prints, share them or delete any that you don’t like. Plus, unless users are using a hashtag with the photos, all photos will remain private.

For the Inspired Couple


Forgive the obvious choice, but Pinterest really can be a useful tool in wedding planning. Creating Pinterest wedding boards can help hone your ideas and can be a great tool when meeting with your vendors. A word of caution: Be sure to make your wedding unique by not copying everything you see on Pinterest.

Might we suggest checking our the Real Weddings Pinterest page?

For the ‘Does It All’ Lovers

Appy Couple

Ok, so it may take a minute to get over the sticker shock of this app (price starts at $39), but we suggest couples at least consider the app before scrolling. The app has a lot to offer: Photo management, group messaging to your bridal party and organization, but our favorite feature is an easy-to-use RSVP tracker. Plus, the app has some seriously stunning designs.

For the Vendor Lovers

Real Weddings Magazine — The White List

It’s not an app, per se, but every couple will want to check out our White List. This user-friendly contact list includes the whose-who in wedding vendors and venues with direct links to website and phone numbers. Be sure to add it your favorites on your phone, desktop or tablet for easy-access.

For the Registry Lovers

Zola Gift Registry

Creating your registry is like shopping with other people’s money. Who wouldn’t love that? But it can be overwhelming. Zola Wedding Registry is a super fun registry tool that makes suggestions that you can swipe left or right (sound familiar?) to add items to your registry. Plus, Zola allows you to create cash funds or even register for adventures and excursions. Register for a salad bowl and skydiving all in one place!

For the Ultimate Tech Lovers


This app is not exclusive to weddings, but it sure does offer some amazing tools. We love Slack for couples and their wedding parties, specifically. Slack can be used for group messaging, photo sharing, it can by synced with Google calendars, reminders and couples can even create a Slack music channel for users to make song requests.

If you are a paperless prowess, Slack is the perfect wedding companion.

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Blog post by Real Weddings Magazine’s writer, Kelley Saia.

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