“I’ll just Google it” works for so may aspects of our lives: Getting that pesky stain out of your favorite shirt, giving us directions to and fro, finding the nearest coffee shop when cravings take over, or when “the guy from that one movie” is on the tip of your tongue and you must find out his name. And while Google can certainly supply you with a lengthy list of photographers, venues, caterers, etc., can you be certain that list includes the vendors that are perfect for you? Sorry Google, this is a job for wedding planners.

Wedding planners and coordinators have amazing relationships with vendors and will work to make sure couples are paired with the vendors that fit best. Grace Bakay of Graceful Gatherings considers herself a matchmaker of sorts. “I take time getting to know my clients, so I can find the perfect creative team to work well with them to create the perfect day.”

In addition to her matchmaking skills, Grace has some tips for helping couples create a wedding that is truly unique. She tells couples not to shy away from personal touches. For example, for a couple who loves swing dancing, Grace would suggest they offer a swing lesson to guests at the wedding. How fun!

Grace is also there to help couples learn from mistakes she has seen over the years. For example, couples often forget about the kids that are invited to the wedding. A special touch to ensure all guests have a wonderful time is to create a kids activity area, offer a kids menu (hello budget-saver!) or even hire a nanny service. The overall experience is a win/win!

Wedding planners are the first to know about top wedding trends. For 2017 and 2018 weddings, Grace says Woodsy Weddings are huge! Rustic burlap is being traded in for wood rounds, pinecones and moss. Burgundy and blush are popular colors, touches of boho are still holding strong.

If you’re going to use Google to jump-start your wedding planning, consider typing “Wedding Planners” first.

For more information about Graceful Gatherings, log on to Gracefulgatherings.net or call 530-305-5339. And, make sure to “like” Graceful Gatherings on Facebook at Facebook.com/LincolnGracefulGatherings.

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Photos courtesy of Kurtis Ostrom Photography. To see more of Karen and Josh’s wedding, click HERE!

Blog post by Real Weddings Magazine’s writer, Kelley Saia. 

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