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There are a lot of glamorous, exciting moments in wedding planning: The dress, the venue, the flowers. But one thing that many couples try their best to avoid in the beginning is the dreaded guest list. Large families, lots of friends, and a handful of coworkers can really add up, and while couples dream of inviting all of these special people to their big day, it’s not always the possible. Jenn Robirds of Jenn Robirds Events explains why solidifying a guest list and getting a headcount early on is essential for seamless planning.

Sacramento Weddings

Jenn says: Sort out your realistic guest list before securing your venue. We cannot tell you how many times brides will book a venue and later realize their guest count is much higher than they expected. There are ways we can get around space issues – for example we will place additional dinner tables on the dance floor and later break them down before open dancing but it’s certainly not ideal, causes a disruption and can upset guests who are losing their seat! Ultimately you want to make sure the venue is a good fit for the type of party you are trying to throw.

Sacramento Weddings

We understand that putting your guest list together can be overwhelming and perhaps one of the less-glamorous planning steps, so we recommend turning it into a fun date night! Order your favorite take-out, pop a bottle of champagne and get cracking on that list. You’ll be so relieved once it’s done.

Sacramento Weddings

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