Happy Sunday everyone! We’ve got a beautiful and creative Submitted Styled Shoot lined up for your Sunday afternoon. As if views of the lake, towering pine trees accompanied by fuchsia, orange and white floral arches, and a charcuterie board in the mountains weren’t enough — how about a paddle board shoot for some extra fun? We hope you’ll find this classy lake shoot as jaw-dropping as we did, so happy Sunday, and happy reading!

Close up at the bride's hair Groom leaning on balcony outside Floral arrangement with reds, whites, and oranges. Close up of groom's boutonniere

Groom grabbing the chin of his bride in the middle of the forest about to kiss. Bride swishing her dress in the forest. Groom smiling as he is about to kiss his bride. Groom twirling his bride in the woods.

Bride and groom standing in between a large flower arch in the woods.

Bride and groom standing on a boulder overlooking Lake Tahoe. Bride and groom kissing on a hilltop overlooking Lake Tahoe.

Groom helping zip up his bride's dress.

Groom walking through the forest and fixing his tuxedo Bride walking in the forest and swishing her dress. Bride and groom kissing in the woods Bride and groom leaning against a table in the woods and kissing Bride and groom holding hands and laughing near the flower arch. Bride and Groom eating cookies and laughing. Bride and groom kissing between the flower archway.

Groom hugging his wife on a boulder overlooking Lake Tahoe.

Newlyweds on a paddle board with a flower overlay Newlyweds on a paddle board in lake tahoe

Newlyweds on a paddleboard with a forest overlay.

Photos above courtesy of Katie Ann Hernandez

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