The saying goes “Happy Wife, Happy Life,” which is a valid point, but shouldn’t we consider “Happy Husband, Happy Lovin’?” That sort of rhymes, right? In any case, relationships are a two-way street and maintaining happiness in both yourself and your partner is key. We were recently sent the men’s grooming product, Nadkins, and after much persuasion to get my boyfriend, to try them, he kindly shared his thoughts on the “Male Jewel Refresher Towelettes.”

We’ll call this one Man Tested, Groom Approved.

When my girlfriend first told me about Nadkins, I was naturally skeptical. I didn’t want to try a product just because she needed an article written. Hell, soap and water were all I ever needed; why use a glorified wet wipe to feel fresh?

After a recent bike ride, I decided I should give Nadkins a shot. After a long day on the trails on my mountain bike, my good bits are never in good shape, so I decided to freshen up the boys.

One swipe was all I needed to feel the difference. The slightest feeling of minty menthol freshness hit my nethers. From then on, my twig and berries (and I) were feeling like a million bucks for the rest of the day.

Nadkins was the perfect solution for when I can’t quite take a shower and get ready in time between a bike ride and a dinner date. There may be other bits that need some attention once social obligations have passed, but as Nadkins says, “When they’re happy, you’re happy.”


I personally can attest to the pep in his step after using Nadkins. They make a great gift for groomsmen and should be kept handy for your groom when they big day arrives.


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Photos courtesy of Nadkins.

Blog post by Real Weddings Magazine’s Associate Editor, Emily Peter, with help from Mikey Corey.