Do you love The Landing Resort & Spa as much as we do? Show them your support by VOTING for them in the World Travel Awards for Best New Boutique Hotel.
The Landing Resort & Spa_Lake Tahoe Wedding Venue

It’s 4 simple steps:

Log on to
Step 1 –Register
Step 2 – Vote
Step 3 – Click on “World”
Step 4 –  Click on #122 and select “The Landing Resort and Spa”
Also, if you haven’t seen The Landing Resort & Spa‘s feature in Real Weddings Magazine, be sure to check them out in our “Looking Pretty by the Lake” cover model contest finalist photo shoot HERE!
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Visit The Landing Resort & Spa at 4104 Lakeshore Boulevard in South Lake Tahoe.
For more information, please call 855-700-5263 or log on to
And, be sure to “like” The Landing Resort & Spa on Facebook at

Blog post by Real Weddings Magazine’s Social Media Maven, Aimee Carroll.

The Landing Resort & Spa photo courtesy of The Landing Resort & Spa. “Looking Pretty by the Lake” photos by Bogdan Condor Photography, copyright Real Weddings Magazine.
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