We are so lucky to have amazingly talented wedding pros as our partners, and Shaquarrius Calloway from Shaquarrius Calloway Events is no exception. She has experience in law, organization and the arts: the perfect mix for a wedding coordinator!

Tell us about your company.

We are a wedding and event planning business that specializes in unique and different events and weddings. We love helping our couples and clients have a fun, organized and stress-free event planning experience.

When did you establish your business?

I started my business in 2019. This is actually my business reboot from trying to start this business back in 2017 where I had very little knowledge about how to run the business side of things. I was just super excited about helping people plan their events. But now I have grown older and wiser and have been able to hit the ground running!

What sets you apart from your competition?

We are the type of planning business that is laid back and fun. Planning should be fun and if it isn’t then you’re doing it wrong! We do what others might deem too “out there.” We embrace different and love to showcase that through our work.

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Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration from Real Weddings Magazine! Too cheesy? (Editor’s Note: No, never too cheesy! We love our partners just as much!) I find inspiration mostly from my own life and from the things that I have always wanted to see more of in the events and wedding industry that you don’t see often. And then of course Pinterest and Google.

What professional organizations are you a member of? (NACE, AFWPi, Association of Bridal Consultants, WPPI, etc.?)

I am a member of AFWPI!

What trend do you see coming for weddings this year and beyond?

I think the virtual wedding is really trendy right now especially during this pandemic. But I think that it will also live on when the pandemic is done. People are learning that virtual weddings can be just as fun and can be a more affordable option for couples.

I also think that the bridal gowns are changing. Brides are being bolder choosing dresses with color or bodysuits, etc… I absolutely love this trend and hope that it continues!

Can you share a memorable moment about one of your clients?

I remember the very first wedding that I did when I started my business. The bride was an hour late coming from the getting ready place at a hotel and I was freaking out; such a rookie move. The photographer came up to me and was like this is completely normal. He really calmed me down and I was definitely able to solve the problem a lot better then. It was just that little snap back to, everything is going to be okay, that got me through it!

What’s your favorite compliment that one of your clients has given you? 

The favorite comment that I have gotten is that they are so glad that they hired me because right away they felt so much lighter like a burden being lifted off of them after they booked with me! This was before services were even rendered yet! This is definitely something that I love to hear!

Shaquarrius Calloway Events

Shaquarrius Calloway Events

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What is your favorite fun thing to do locally? 

My favorite thing is to go to the dog park or Scandia or a movie!

What’s your favorite local charity?

I love the Children’s Receiving Home of Sacramento. I have been working with them for awhile and they are a great organization.

What’s your favorite local restaurant?

This is a tough one! I would have to go with Leatherby’s! It is such a magical place and I love it!

Do you have any hidden talents?

It’s not really hidden but I originally moved to California to become an actress so I am a pretty good actor! I can also sing like a teeny tiny bit!

If you weren’t a wedding planner, what other profession would you have liked to have done? 

I would have been a professional actress. My dream was to be on Broadway. Or being a lawyer! I know totally different professions but I love both.

If you were to plan your own wedding, what would be most important to you? 

The photography, a good wedding coordinator and the rentals would be the most important to me!

What advice would you can give to soon-to-be-married couples? 

Just take time to enjoy your day and really think about how you want to spend your life with each other. I find that folks are so obsessed with the wedding day that they don’t really think about what comes after which is being married.

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For more information about Shaquarrius Calloway Events, visit ShaquarriusCallowayEvents.com and follow them on social @shaqcalevents.

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Photo of Shaquarrius by Robin Collette Photography. Photos of Outlander-inspired styled shoot by Philippe Studio Pro; see more here! Photos of Tropical styled shoot by Courtland Photography; see more here!