Sure, it’s possible to have a wedding without a videographer. But is it possible to take in and remember every detail of that magical day without one? Probably not. Imagine sitting around the TV watching your grandparents wedding video and how special that would be. Now, imagine doing that with your own wedding video and your own grandchildren. Priceless. This week’s Vendor of the Week is one of the premier professional wedding cinematographers in the state, and lucky for us, they’re based in Sacramento. Enter: Jensen Wedding Films.

J|F Wedding Reel from Jensen Films on Vimeo.

Jensen Wedding Films captures weddings in simple, elegant, documentary style with lots of options to choose from. Want to have your wedding filmed with Vintage Super 8mm Film? They can do it! Want same day edits? Yup, they can do that. Envision your ceremony being filmed via drone? You guessed it, they can do that too! Those are just a few of the options available. Our favorite option, however, is the option to stream your wedding ceremony to loved ones around the world. How cool is that? No matter which options you select, all of Jensen’s work comes with the same level of quality, artistry and pride.

Experience Jensen’s art by visiting their website at where you can see many options of their work.


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Video courtesy of Jensen Wedding Films.

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Blog post by Real Weddings Magazine’s writer, Kelley Saia. 

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