Yep, we’re seeing Real Weddings Magazine everywhere! We spotted it today at the newsstand in Bel Air at E. Bidwell and Broadstone Parkway in Folsom — at this location, we’re distributing our Winter 2013 issue polybagged with the Winter/Spring 2013 issue of our special wedding planning guide, Real Weddings Magazine’s The Bride’s Guide!
Brides, when you see Real Weddings Magazine on the newsstand, snap a quick photo and email it to us — we’ll send you a special Real Weddings Magazine re-usable bag and some other Real Weddings Magazine goodies!

Want to get your own copy of Real Weddings Magazine?  Click on our “Get Your Copy” link on our web site for a list of distribution locations and newsstand partners!
Blog post by Real Weddings Magazine’s Social Media Maven, Aimee Carroll.
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