Happy Submitted Styled Shoot Sunday, everyone! We hope you enjoy this idyllic, dreamy shoot, complete with a jaw-dropping floral gown, beautiful table rentals and and even more beautiful models. Happy Sunday, and happy reading!

Photo of some paperie and flowers.

Bride smiling and holding her bouquet and looking into the distance.

Photo of the bride and groom walking across a bridge.

Groom pouring champagne into glasses as his bride watches and smiles.

Photo of bride and groom looking behind at the camera while the sun sets.

Photo of the venue; a table with chairs inside of a barn.

Close up photo of a table with flowers and chairs inside a barn.

Bride and groom cheersing together at their table.

Bride in a floral pink dress holding her gown.

Groom leaning in to kiss the bride as she looks down and laughs.

Groom leading his bride down a bridge.

Photo of an outdoor picnic table with chairs and plates.

Groom twirling his bride by the outdoor picnic table.

Groom holding his bride's face as she smiles at him.

Two bride-models posing together and smiling outside.

Bride and groom sitting in a tin-boat as he kisses her head.

Bride and groom touching foreheads near a pool during sunset.

Groom and bride smiling in front of an altar outside.

Groom fixing his blue suit as he looks off into the distance.

Bride swooping his bride as she laughs.

Photos above courtesy of Karissa Wright Productions

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