Happy Sunday everyone! We have an absolutely jaw-dropping Submitted Styled Shoot for you today set at Big Sur. From the blue waters to tall bridges, brim hats and open-shoulder gowns, we know you’ll find some inspiration in this romantic and beautiful shoot! Happy Sunday, and happy reading!

Bride holding her husband's cheek against a cliffside.

Bride groom holding hands with their backs to us, walking on the beach.

Bride resting her arms over her husband's shoulders at the beach.

Bride and groom dancing on the beach.

Groom hugging bride from behind on the beach.

Groom and Bride holding hands as she holds out her dress on the beach.

Bride and groom holding hands and looking at the Monterey bridge.

Bride and groom about to kiss.

Bride holding her veil and flowers looking over her shoulder at the Monterey Bridge.Full body photo of a bride holding her veil near the Monterey Bridge.

Groom kissing his bride on the neck near the Monterey Bridge.

Groom holding his bride in his arms and dancing with her.

Groom holding up his bride as she holds his face and smiles.

Bride and groom kissing as he pours her champagne.

Groom holding his wife from behind, looking at the ocean together.

Sun setting as bride and groom hold each other close.

Photos above courtesy of Katelyn Bradley Photography

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