We always want our styled shoots to make our readers think outside of the box. So when Sara (from Rainbow Weddings & Events) and I were brainstorming about our styled shoot, “Enchanted Love”—which is based off of an enchanted forest-type theme, with magical and spiritual details woven throughout—she asked, “Hmm…what do you think of having a Tarot Reader?” My response was something like, “Heck yeah! And I’ve got the perfect person!”

Enter Tara Harbert with The Tender Hearted Healer.…this amazing human is an Intuitive Healer, Self-Love Coach (you have to follow her on insta @the_tender_hearted_healer..if you’re having a bad day, her videos will INSTANTLY change your attitude!), and Tarot Reader. And as an added bonus, she has been a part of our Real Weddings shoot and events team for years, and is a former real bride model (along with her now-husband Harpo) in our styled shoot, “In the Mood For Love.” When I asked her if she would be game to be part of our shoot and do a live Tarot Reading she was totally down with it! (Cue happy dance by Wendy!)

On the day of the shoot, we staged the live Tarot Reading in our beautifully-designed lounge set—complete with real cocktails for the couple (a cosmo for her and an old fashioned for him made by venue director Evan Shelby with The Atrium at Woodlake), and it was, well, enchanting and magical, not only for our real couple models Corina + Arlistel, but for our entire creative team!

Post shoot, I asked Tara to explain what happened during the shoot, and here’s what she had to say:

“Tarot provides insight about where you are currently, what needs to be addressed for a situation to evolve, and what is to come.

During the Tarot Reading by The Tender Hearted Healer, Tara asked the cards to relay insight regarding their future ahead—Corina + Arlistel were met with tender guidance on how to best support each other in the year to come, and specifically pertaining to their career and financial abundance.”

And what’s even cooler is that when we asked the couple what their favorite part of the shoot was, they BOTH said it was the Tarot Reading:

Corina: The Tarot Reading was definitely a highlight that was not expected. It was our first Tarot Reading together, and we really got immersed in everything our Tarot Reader was sharing. It felt like we were there for a Tarot Reading and completely forgot the cameras were rolling. It was so much fun! The energy during the shoot was incredible from start to finish. The entire team was full of love and light. We felt so lucky to be in such an uplifting space.

Arlistel: I second that—I liked the Tarot Reading part of the shoot. It was really cool to have a real Tarot Reading while being immersed in the shoot. It almost felt as though the cameras weren’t there for awhile.

Enchanted Forest Wedding Decor Theme


Special thanks to our real couple models, Corina + Arlistel, and all of the professionals who contributed to this feature!

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Blog post by Real Weddings Magazine’s Editor, Wendy Sipple.

Photos by Adrienne & Dani Photography/copyright Real Weddings Magazine.